About Us
We’re a group of youth artists and organizers

Solastalgia is a youth-led community initiative that actively creates a series of zines and arts-based events focused on amplifying intergenerational and youth voices around climate justice themes, eco-anxiety and eco-emotions. Our aim is to empower more youth to become engaged environmental leaders and build a community platform encompassing zines, interactive eco-workshops, and eco-anxiety support resources. This initiative started from the Apathy is Boring Vancouver RISE Cohort 10 that created a community project focused on eco-anxiety which launched as the Solastalgia zine.

Our goal is to normalize eco-anxiety and the large spectrum of emotions that Canadian youth feel as a result of the climate crisis and the planetary health crisis. We aim to do this by amplifying youth voices and providing a platform for open discussion through artistic mediums. We recognize that youth feel and react to the climate crisis differently, so giving them creative liberty to share their personal emotions in their own way is how we encourage dialogue around eco-emotions. We want to strengthen the internal resiliency of youth and encourage further external/climate action to bring about active hopes for the future.

Our work has been recognized by: